Give Your Kitchen Scraps a Second Life with These 5 Tips — Tips from The Kitchn

Is your goal this week to use up every last bit of the items in your refrigerator and pantry before they go bad? We can help! Here are five tips and tricks to get you to use up the last bits of things you have lurking in your kitchen.



Petition Calls For Standardized Abuse Training For Yoga Teachers, Appeals To Yoga Alliance

The recent Jivamukti sexual abuse allegations have reignited a long-running conversation on power dynamics, teacher-student relationships, and cult-like status within the yoga community. Each time news breaks of another guru abusing their power, the yogasphere erupts in further controversy, but as much talk and (sometimes therapeutic) conversation there is, are we really making progress when […]

Powerlifting For Women, Why Not?

Gone are the days when powerlifting is reserved only for men and men alone, as women nowadays have come to embrace powerlifting as not just a way to gain super strength, but also help promote lean mass and firm muscles.

Many people may not be aware about the stresses and pressures that puts a  powerlifter to the test. When we say ‘power’ it means really that, strength and determination. The demands are intense and the not many can excel at it.

Women, on the other hand, can benefit a lot from powerlifting. A lot of women doing it said it helps boost their confidence, gives them a sense of purpose and helps give them build strength of character as well.

It is more than just mental conditioning, rather it is a psychological behavior that lets them feel they are in control with their being that helps improve their self-esteem and is a good exercise to help them stay fit.

A lot of women also believe that they find it to be challenging, most especially when they feel they need to do more from that each weight level they are working on. It helps boost their sense of accomplishment every time they hurdle a challenge for every weight level.

Today’s powerlifting community promotes a very supportive environment for powerlifters, including women, where they find a mechanism where they could get help, updates and information.

Women today are more independent and are immersing themselves on ways to stay fit and healthy like men and powerlifting allows them to challenge their capabilities on strength and endurance.

It also keeps them heart and bone healthy, since powerlifting enhances the body’s absorption of nutrients that are essential for the body, especially the heart and bones.

Powerlifitng has also been proven effective in weight loss and is a good workout for women, who have the less capacity for weight loss than men. It has something to do with their metabolism that makes them lose weight longer and more difficult than men.

Powerlifting also allows women to feel the sense of competition, as many powerlifting events and contests now include women. This allows them to prove their competitive edge with the rest of the women competitors.

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