Recipe: Fuzzy Navel Wine Cooler — Wine Coolers Are Cool Again

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton)

It’s time to give the classic wine cooler an at-home update, and it doesn’t need any bizarre ingredients or neon coloring agents. Like the original, this remake delivers sweet, ripe peach flavors accented by a dash of fresh orange. As it turns out, peach schnapps and OJ are the PB&J of the drinks industry.



How I Decluttered My Kitchen Junk Drawer — Before & After

(Image credit: Sarah Coffey)

I don’t believe in junk drawers. It’s not that I don’t believe they exist — they’re a fixture in something like 99 percent of American homes — I just don’t believe they’re necessary. Every drawer should have a reason for being. A junk drawer is just waiting to find its true calling.

So, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I have a junk drawer in my kitchen. To find a vegetable peeler, I have to sift through tangles of whisk wires and food processor cords. I’ve been telling myself that it’s just in need of a little organizing, but the truth is this drawer’s a dump. Here’s how I decluttered my delusions and gave this drawer back its sense of purpose.


This Is Physicist Sean Carroll’s Favorite Pint of Ice Cream — My Favorite Pint

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Sean Carroll is a theoretical physics teacher at Caltech where he specializes in dark matter and general relativity. His latest book, The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself, has garnered much success, including being a New York Times bestseller. In his spare time, Carroll prioritizes a good scoop of ice cream, which he eloquently describes as “nature’s most perfect food.” Coming from a cosmologist, you know this means something.


Kitchen to Cone: 3 Ice Cream Makers Explain How an Ice Cream Flavor Is Born — Global Ice Cream Social

(Image credit: Emily Hart Roth)

We’ll always have a soft spot for the ice creams of yore. Artificially green mint ice cream? Count us in! But today’s flavors are taking this classic treat to new levels. It’s safe to say there’s never been a more exciting time for ice cream.

While some flavors are more successful than others — we tried that jet-black ice cream and found it wanting — even when a scoop disappoints, there’s something to be said for the creativity that goes into the making.

To better understand how an ice cream flavor is born, we talked with three ice cream makers: Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Shiho Yoshikawa of Sweet Rose Creamery, and Tyler Malek of Salt & Straw.


5 Easy & Affordable Ways to Trick Out Your Rental Kitchen — Trick Out Your Rental Kitchen

(Image credit: Lucy Hewett)

Over the years, I’ve experienced my fair share of rental kitchen frustrations, current kitchen not excluded. Faux-marble floors are just the beginning and my last kitchen? The countertop sloped (beware rolling apples).

Rental kitchen woes are real. But before you funnel your savings account into a major overhaul, or just slump down on your ugly kitchen floor and weep, consider these tips for tricking out your rental kitchen. They don’t require you to be super handy or call for a huge investment, but they will make a dramatic difference.


Start To Maximize Your Exercise Performance The Right Way

It is called intra-workout supplementation and is sometimes the most oft ignored component of the workout program that needs to be properly done to maximize your exercise performance.

Intra-workout supplementation is the best way to maximize your exercise performance

Simply put, it is the supplementation that you need to take in during your workout routines, which is anchored on several scientific studies that support it- highly beneficial for accelerating mass gain progress and boost recovery.

Initially intra-workout supplementation started out with water as a hydrating agent and helps cool the body for enhanced performance. But as science evolved, so did the quest to enhance performance and recovery, where water is no longer the ideal solution.

Scientists began to thoroughly research on what the body can use more to gain more, so came carbohydrates which-when added to water- became the workout drink that was more effective than plain water.

Years passed and sports scientists continued to look for more effective minerals and nutritional ingredients to further enhance strength and performance.

The evolution of sports and its challenges

In the early 1990’s, scientists began to focus their attention towards fitness science and theories based on the ell-known premises of the time which included the following;

  • The effects of workout and overloading on the muscle’s structural protein components.
  • How the muscles are broken down and how it can optimally build back up during recovery.
  • Different types of fatigue not caused by the lack of carbohydrates and how it can be best addressed.
  • How different training and nutritional needs are taken into consideration during intra-workout plans.
  • Carbohydrates may help fuel the body during workouts, but this is not the only solution for supplementation.

The importance of amino acids

While hydration with water is an ideal yet basic supplementation, just a small amount of water lost in your body weight may even have an effect on your training performance.

A 2 to 3 percent drop in the body’s water weight during a high intensity interval training routine could result in a huge drop in performance with reduced repetitions, and higher ratings of exertion, according to research.

In order to avoid this, just make sure to stay hydrated by drinking six to 12 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes into your workout programs.

You can then make the most of amino acid supplements where in high concentrations taken during exercise largely increases exercise-induced protein synthesis or muscle building. It also increasing blood flow to working muscles and heightened cellular sensitivity that allows the muscles to absorb substrates and fuel at a faster rate.

It is advised to take amino acid supplements before your workouts to make sure that amino acids are in your blood stream to during your exercise program and still reap the same benefits.

Start to maximize your exercise performance and allow your body to reap the results better and faster.

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