10 Frostings to Make Any Chocolate Cake Feel Special — Baking with Chocolate

Ganache! Buttercream! Whipped Cream! Frostings are something that get me excited about cake, because they (along with a few sprinkles) turn any cake into a celebration. Whether you’re baking a chocolate Bundt cake, a chocolate pound cake, or, my personal favorite, chocolate sheet cake, here are 10 frostings that upgrade classic chocolate cake to something unique and special to celebrate anytime.



My Healthy Habit Challenge: I Started Reading Nutrition Labels — Healthy Habit Challenge

(Image credit: Lisa S./Shutterstock)

Welcome to our Healthy Habit Challenge! Instead of focusing on (impossible-to-keep) New Year’s resolutions, we challenged four writers to start a new healthy habit. These challenges aren’t about cutting out sugar or going on a diet, or focused on the negative. They’re about doing something new and good — and making it second-nature. Here’s how they went.

A few weeks ago, I embarked on a mission to get in the habit of being a more informed grocery shopper. The plan: To read — and understand — the labels of everything I buy. I saw my store trips double in time (reading the fine print takes forever!). Tedium aside, I did learn some interesting information about the foods I buy (and maybe will stop buying).


5 Chocolate Treats for Your Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius — Your Chocolate Horoscope

This month we partnered with the Astrotwins to reveal the ways your zodiac sign informs your chocolate preferences. According to the Astrotwins, “Each zodiac sign has a distinct set of personality traits — and believe it or not, there’s a chocolate recipe out there to match every horoscope sign.”

The gooey, messier, and more indulgent, the better — that’s your mantra, Sagittarius, which is why a rich chocolate cobbler is likely your chocolate treat of choice (throw a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream on your serving, while you’re at it). You also have a taste for the unusual, which means beyond the fudgy and decadent, you enjoy the unique and different. Here are five over-the-top chocolate treats just for you.


What Exactly Is Carob Anyway? — Baking with Chocolate

On the hunt for chocolate chips at the grocery store, you may have come across carob chips. Although they do look strikingly similar to the classic cookie favorite, carob chips are not chocolate. While chocolate stems from cocoa pods, carob stems from carob pods. On shelves, it can typically be found in two forms: chips and powder. So what exactly is carob? Here are the facts.


These Brilliant Stickers Make It Easier to Spot a Ripe Avocado — Food News

The struggle is real when trying to find the perfect avocado that is not unripe but also not too ripe. There are few things more frustrating than slicing into an avocado only to learn you’re a few days early or, worse, a few days late. Thankfully, for those guilty of not being able to distinguish between an underripe and overripe avocado, a sticker with a color gradient is here to help.