Bikram’s ‘Real Sports’ Meltdown Episode Nominated For Sports Emmy Award

That Bikram Choudhury episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the one where he calls his alleged victims of sexual assault liars and “trash,” claims 5000 women a day want to sleep with him and that his sperm is worth a million dollars, and proceeds to have an R-rated meltdown on camera, is nominated for […]


Un Cafecito, Por Favor: 5 Recipes to Help You Do Breakfast, Cuban-Style — Cuban Breakfast Recipes

It always starts with coffee, doesn’t it? When you’re introduced to a new food, a new way of eating, a new culture and its cuisine, there are so many gateways, but for me it always seems to be coffee. Sooty and astringent in Turkey, café bonbóns in Spain, and then giant saucers of café con leche in a now-closed Cuban restaurant — La Rosita — that used to sit on Broadway and 108th. That restaurant is where I was first introduced to Cuban food — by way of breakfast.


Do You Need a Bonus Freezer? Take This Quiz. — The Smart Appliance Shopper

If your eyes light up when you head through the frozen aisle at Costco, or your feet are at risk every time you open your freezer (a pint of Ben & Jerry’s can really do a number on your toes!), you’ve probably thought about getting another freezer. We know: It seems like such an indulgence! Would you even use it, have a place for it, or be able to justify the expense? Take this quiz and find out.


These Deviled Egg Trays Are Only $8 Right Now — Amazon Deal of the Day

Deviled eggs are perfect party food. They are small and delicious, and you don’t need a plate to eat them. The only problem is that they can be a pain to display on a table or transport to someone else’s home for a potluck. Sometimes the eggs fall to their side, or get squished in transportation. What are you supposed to do?

If you’re dreading making deviled eggs for Easter or another spring party, I have a budget-friendly option for you: Right now Amazon is selling two deviled egg trays for just $8.


Does Food Safety Really Matter in Cookbooks? — Food News

A new study from researchers at North Carolina State University looked at best-selling cookbooks and found that 99.7 percent of recipes don’t address food-related risks. Is this a problem?

The study, published in the British Food Journal, looked at 1,749 recipes containing “raw animal ingredients” from 29 cookbooks featured on the New York Times best-sellers list. The team looked at the following three things: If the recipe says to cook a dish to a specific internal temperature, if the temperature provided is accurate, and if any food-safety cooking myths are perpetuated. Of the recipes, only 8 percent (123 recipes) stated the internal temperature.


This New Security Camera Wants to Catch Your Office Lunch Thief — Food News

Every office has an anonymous, agile employee who steals other people’s delicious food from the communal kitchen. Those delicious meatballs you made for lunch? Gone. That bottle of gatorade you brought to work because you’re a little hungover from happy hour the night before? Vanished. Maybe you’ve been the victim of such an offense, or maybe you’re the office perpetrator.