7 Things to Know When Buying a Standalone Freezer — The Smart Appliance Shopper

When you’ve got a family to feed — or just a serious Costco habit — the idea of having some more space in the freezer is incredibly appealing. You can just imagine the benefits: You’ll do less grocery shopping because you can buy so much meat at once and freeze it for the future, you’ll spend less money because you can take advantage of sales and stick the excess in the freezer, and you’ll avoid last-minute pizza by freezing more meals for future late nights. You can also make sure you never run out of ice (for cocktails!) or ice cream (both of which are very important!).

Of course, investing time, space, and money into a standalone freezer isn’t something you should do without adequate thought. Take this quiz to see if you really need one.

Then if you need one, consider these seven things before you take the plunge.



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