I Stayed in Airbnbs for a Year and This Is What I Learned — Travel Intelligence

(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

I spent the last year in a state of constant travel, on a trip that took me from my home in Seattle throughout the United States and Europe. Along the way, I learned a variety of lessons: I learned how to pack really, really well; I learned how to let go of attachments to most of my possessions, especially when I couldn’t fit them in my bag; and I learned a handful of useful (and not-so-useful) expressions in German, Greek, and French.

I also learned a lot about vacation rentals, as over 95 percent of the nights I traveled in 2016, I stayed in an Airbnb. A seaside studio on the coast of Dubrovnik, a Pinterest-worthy loft in Prague, a top-story flat overlooking Parliament in the heart of edgy Bucharest — these are just a small sample of the Airbnb apartments that I’ve called home.

No matter the city or country I explored, there’s one thing I found to be true about every Airbnb I stayed in.



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