6 Hostess Gifts to Bring to a Passover Seder — Passover

Congrats on getting an invite to a Passover seder! You may have guessed that a Passover seder isn’t quite like a regular dinner party — and you’d be right. The seder, which is the Hebrew word for “order,” is a ceremonial event marked with storytelling, food, songs, prayers, and, oh yeah, rules — lots and lots of rules.

In brief, leavened and fermented foods are out, so are foods made with wheat, oats, barley, rye, and spelt. And, even if you’re on the rules and you were planning on making a batch of homemade chocolate caramel matzah brittle, let us stop you right there: Some Jews choose not to eat foods made in a non-Kosher kitchen or items made with non-Kosher-for-Passover ingredients.

Bottom line: You might be better off buying something versus making something yourself. Whether you’re a Passover pro or a total newbie, here are some thoughtful presents that will not only help the seder go more smoothly, but will also meet Passover’s rigorous food standards.



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