If You Love Spanakopita, You Should Really Try Tiropita — Tips from The Kitchn

Spanakopita is always a must-order for me whenever I visit a Greek restaurant. I love the way the salty, briny feta plays off the green, wholesome-tasting spinach and how it’s all encased in paper-thin, extra-crunchy phyllo dough. But there’s actually a whole world of Greek savory pies that is very much worth exploring — from kreatopita, which is filled with meat, to patatopita, which is filled with potatoes, and everything in between. In fact, when you see “pita” at the end of a Greek food, that means it’s a sweet or savory pie. So if you’re ready to dive into the world of Greek pies beyond tried-and-true spanakopita, I urge you to start with one of the most decadent (and a favorite of our Food Editor, Hali): cheese- and egg-filled tiropita.



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