The One Exercise to Do While Your Coffee Brews — Fit Kitchen

Good morning, good morning, it’s great to stay up late! Until the alarm goes off and tears you from your much-needed slumber.

You know the drill. Shuffle to the coffeemaker and punch the button to deliver that life-giving elixir. While you wait, check out the Facebook posts you missed overnight. Coffee’s brewing and the smell alone is perking up your drowsy brain cells, but you’re still scrolling mindlessly. Now over to Twitter for the latest bursts from your motley assortment of friends, celebrities, and news sources. Is the pot done yet? You check Instagram, just long enough to spark envy over someone’s dinner last night, and finally! You can pour your cup of coffee already.

Here’s another thought. How about making use of those few minutes to get your blood flowing, loosen up your sleep-stiffened limbs, and clear the cobwebs from your mind before you start pummeling it with social media?



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