This Is What I Feed My Baby When He’s Sick — You’re a Parent Now

I used to think the saddest thing that could happen was finding a fantastic designer dress at 75% off in one size too small for me.

Then, I had a baby. And, really, the saddest thing is when your kid is sick. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain or even mild discomfort. And when all the steamy baths and snot sucking (yes, that’s a real thing and no, that isn’t as gross as parenting gets) isn’t doing anything, it’s time to go to something a little stronger.

I’m obviously talking food and drink. I have a few techniques I follow to try to tempt my child when he is too sick, tired, cranky, or in pain to eat most of our usual favorites. If all else fails, we tend to go to a banana.



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