We’re Learning All About Greek Food. Join Us! — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Len Sirman / The LIFE Collection/ Getty Images)

What do you think about when someone mentions Greek food? Gyros and souvlaki? Spanikopita? A Greek salad at your local diner? Just like any cuisine, there are a few ambassadors that pave the way, introducing us to the key flavors and ingredients that make that food special. Maybe gyros introduced you to cool and creamy tzatziki. Did that bite of spanikopita at your town’s Greek Festival start a life-long love affair ? (That’s how it happened for me). Or perhaps it was the Greek salad at your local diner that solidified your preference for feta over all other cheeses.

It’s pretty easy to swoon over Greek food because the flavors and dishes are so pleasing (can you ever really go wrong with lemon and oregano on your chicken and potatoes?). So this month we decided to cook from the Greek cannon, chasing all the flavors and dishes that made us swoon in the first place.



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