Greek Easter Is Better than My Easter. Here’s Why. — It’s Greek to Me

I was 23 and living in New York City when my new roommate invited me to spend Greek Easter with her family on Staten Island. At first, I declined the invitation, telling her I had to work the brunch shift at my restaurant gig because Easter was one of the busiest shifts of the year.

That’s when I got the first of many lessons about the holiday: Greek Easter usually falls on a different date than Western Easter. The Orthodox Christian church, my roommate explained, still uses the Julian calendar, which has a 13-day difference between the Gregorian calendar the rest of Christianity uses. That year, Greek Easter actually fell on May 5. And I was free!

I’m glad I was because, it turns out, Greek Easter is way better than the Easter I was used to. Here are five reasons I’d gladly say yes — or Nai! — if an invitation came way.



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