The 5 Greek Cookbooks We Love Most Right Now — It’s Greek to Me

The foods of Greece are legendary. It doesn’t take long to come up with a lengthy list of dishes and ingredients associated with the Greek table: feta, olives and olive oil, figs, oregano, mint, rosemary, yogurt, phyllo, avgolemono, moussaka, taramosalata, skordalia, baklava, tzatziki, dolmades … is your mouth watering yet? While it’s possible that there is at least one Greek restaurant in every decent-sized American town, it’s also true that Greek food, with its emphasis on freshness and simple technique, invites home cooks to learn its beauty and insights.

To get you started on this vibrant path, we explore five beloved Greek cookbooks — some classic, some brand new — recommended by food writers and teachers who are familiar with this delicious cuisine.



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