Can You Really Make Nut Milk from Nut Butter? — Tip Test

Just around the time I started researching making nut milk from any kind of nut at home and the pleasures of making cashew cream, Food52 shared a “genius recipe” for Instant Nut Milk. A hack they adapted from Laura Wright‘s The First Mess Cookbook promises “a better, smarter, faster, less pain-in-the-neck method” to making nut milk at home by blending raw nut butter with water.

The method sounded so obviously simple — like, questionably so — but it also piqued my curiosity. Could delicious nut milk be made at home anytime with just nut butter and the swirl of a blender? Would it be less expensive? And most importantly, would it even taste good? With a homemade cashew milk on hand and a jar of raw cashew butter delivered, I set out on a side-by-side investigation.



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