Don’t Have Time to Clean Your Kitchen Windows? Do This One Thing Instead. — Smart Spring Cleaning

You’re not going to like this, but the air in your kitchen is full of gunk. “Anytime you’re cooking and the food creates steam or smoke, that can carry grease that will stick onto your backsplash, countertop, stovetop, and more,” says to Melissa Maker, star of the Clean My Space YouTube Channel and author of Clean My Space. “It’s sticky, it’s gross, and it’s hard to clean — and breathing that air isn’t great, either!”

These days, most new kitchens have a stovetop fan that vents outside, which is your best bet for minimizing the griminess. But if you live in an older home or just don’t remember to use the fan often enough, those particles can also collect on your windows. And then your window panes become a personal pain point every time you look at them.



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