12 Food Writers Share Their Favorite Safety Drink — Spirit Guides

When you go to a great bar, you know what to order. Whether it’s a vintage Champagne, locally brewed beer, or the joint’s signature molecular gastronomy cocktail, you know you’re getting a great drink of some sort.

But what about when you aren’t at a destination bar? When you’re just looking for a drink before a concert, when you’re on the road and looking for anywhere to rest your weary feet, or when you need to whet your whistle in a dodgy part of town? That’s where the rest of the bars come in. Not just the dive bars — the questionable bars; the ones that pop up in touristy locations; the ones that look really old or like they try too hard. You know the type.

What do food and drink people order when they find themselves in these locales? Here’s what we found out.



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