Mistakes to Avoid When Substituting Cauliflower for Rice in Any Dish — Tips from The Kitchn

If you’re about to make the swap of cauliflower rice for real rice for the first time, I want to be honest about one thing: riced cauliflower is not going to fool you as a stand-in for grains of actual rice. (Just like cauliflower pizza crust isn’t going to fool you into thinking you’re eating pizza.) It is most definitely a vegetable.

But cauliflower’s lightness and fresh flavor are pretty incredible on their own merits, and when it’s shredded or processed so the florets and stems are broken down into firm “grains,” you can use them much like you would rice. They’ve proven themselves to be a super-versatile, grain-free substitute when you want a vegetable alternative to rice.

Despite the difference in flavor, riced cauliflower can do just about everything your favorite variety of rice can do — just as long as you avoid these missteps along the way.



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