5 Professional Moms on How They Balance Cooking and Kids — Mother’s Day

Being a mom is all encompassing. Working outside the home on a career you have worked hard to build is all encompassing. Doing both at the same time is … whoa. Yet, scores of mothers do it every day, worldwide. Keeping together presentations, bake sale donations, work functions, late-night homework projects, and an entire household (not to mention, a little bit of television time so you don’t totally lose it) is no easy feat.

To get an idea of how the everyday superwoman manages it all, I talked with five moms who all have kids ranging from a few months to 4 years old. They all work outside the home between eight and 10 hours a day and they all cook almost daily for their families. Here are their best tips, tricks, and (sometimes the most important) favorite takeout meals that keep their family happy, healthy, and fed.

Note: Every mom works incredibly hard and our hats are off to all of you this Mother’s Day. This isn’t a piece discussing decisions to work outside the home or not — it’s a celebration and homage to making life, cooking, and kids all work together in one delicious package.



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