No-Bake Desserts, All Dressed Up — Easy Dessert Recipes

When I was a kid, growing up in Ohio, the first in a simply enormous family, no-bake desserts were chief among my mother’s arsenal of treats. No-bake cookies — like the classic chocolate, oat, and peanut butter clusters — were the everyday sweet. I remember the face of a small neighbor boy, after polishing one off, being offered a glass of milk and, wide-eyed, saying, “No thank you! I don’t want to wash the taste out of my mouth!”

That’s what no-bake desserts offer, perhaps more than others — a simple, pure pleasure of sweetness. But you don’t have to be 6 years old to appreciate them. No-bake desserts can get all dressed up for the grown-up table, too, and today we have a collection that will make you and yours stand up and applaud, and yet secretly avoid that sip of milk — the taste is just too good to waste.



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