The Wedding Registry Gifts We Still Use 10 Years Later (and the Ones We Don’t) — Life in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Ed Anderson, used with permission)

When my husband and I got married, we set up a gift registry, as people do, and filled it with things we thought we’d want for our new life together. At the time, neither one of us had a well-stocked kitchen, so we started from scratch. We looked at what our parents had in the kitchen, we pulled must-have lists out of magazines (well, I did anyway), and then we let our whims guide the scanner around the store. Friends and family were generous, for which I’m still grateful.

It’s been almost 11 years now, and over the past decade we’ve put that registry list to the test. Some of our picks for the kitchen still get used every single day, while others have long been discarded or donated. Here are the five things we’d register for again in a heartbeat (with some tweaks), those we wouldn’t, and what we wish we’d included.



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