The Best Gift I Got When I Graduated College — College Graduation

When I graduated college (back in the year too-long-ago-than-I-care-to-admit), I didn’t expect many gifts. If I did get a present, though, I always kinda hoped it’d be cash. I was 22 and my post-college job was an internship in the magazine industry. It was paid (which was very rare back then!) and I had worked all through college, so I had some sort of financial plan, but I was moving to New York City and needed every cent I could find. (I was fun in mall parking lots: Oh look, a nickel! Dibs!)

So you can probably guess how I felt when one of my mom’s life-long friends handed me a giant box during a mini graduation party in my parents’ backyard. I knew right away it wasn’t cash, but it took me many years to realize how much I actually appreciated the gift.



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