Twin Peaks Is Actually an Ode to Breakfast Foods — Food TV

Twin Peaks, the cult-classic TV series that premiered in 1990 and was canceled (prematurely, if you ask me) after only two seasons, is returning to Showtime on Sunday, May 21. David Lynch is once again bringing us back to the quirky town of Twin Peaks, population 51,201.

The central question of the show — who killed Laura Palmer? — was answered in season two, but these new episodes promise more mystery and intrigue. One thing we can certainly count on? A lot of coffee. And donuts. After rewatching the series (for the … fifth time? Don’t judge me!), I’ve come to the conclusion that Twin Peaks is really just an ode to the glorious world of breakfast foods.

If you’re planning a viewing party for the show’s premiere, this breakfast-focused one, inspired by some of the show’s best food moments, is sure to be a hit. Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Cooper would be proud.



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