5 Rules for Making an Ugly Birthday Cake (and Celebrating with Your Friends) — Life in the Kitchen

There is no dessert more special than a birthday cake. It’s the most personal and celebratory of treats. Far superior to weeknight cookies and less fussy than something as monumental as wedding cake, it’s a dessert with a purpose. And there’s also no greater baking joy, in my opinion, than making a birthday cake for someone you love.

I always have the best intentions when I decide to make someone a birthday cake, but it rarely goes as planned. I wait too long to find the perfect recipe or don’t have the right supplies on hand, and I end up skipping the whole process entirely in favor or a simpler dessert or, even worse, nothing at all. This is a total shame, because everyone should eat cake on their birthday — baking plans be damned. That’s why I’m in favor of embracing the ugly semi-homemade birthday cake.



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