Why You Need Two (Yes, Two) Bottles of Olive Oil — Grocery Intelligence

After living in Italy for a bit, I quickly became enamored of olive oil. I have two bottles in my pantry that I reach for every single night. My constant use is a case for moving back to Italy, buying an olive farm, and making my own supply just to support the habit.

Because that’s not happening anytime soon, I’ll continue to lean on my local grocers to supply it for me, and I’ll continue to always have two bottles. While I am a minimalist in most regards, I feel strongly that one olive oil is not enough.

I have my large bottle of everyday cooking oil (this is my favorite), which never breaks the bank and gets swirled into hot pans, tossed with roasted vegetables, and baked into cakes. My second bottle is smaller and a splurge, used for dunking bread and finishing salads, soups, and more. It’s something I firmly believe should be in your pantry too.

My Everyday Olive Oil: California Olive Ranch Olive Oil, $15 for 16.9 ounces



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