Why My Wedding Registry Was Private — The Happy Ever After Wedding Registry

I’ll be honest: I didn’t really want a wedding registry. The thought of my family and friends skimming a list of things to buy me, things I picked out, made me incredibly uncomfortable. But my mom was able to persuade me, arguing that people were going to give us gifts anyway and with no registry they’d have to spend time trying to figure out what we might want. Plus, “Everyone is going to end up calling me, asking what color your kitchen is, or if you need new towels,” she told me. It was a valid point.

If you’re on Team No-Registry: Wedding Registries Are a Necessary Evil. Here’s How You Make Your Peace with Them.

With a glass of wine in hand, I pulled up the Williams-Sonoma website on my computer and began clicking, and told my fiancé to do the same on his laptop.



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