How 1,000 Farmers & 1 Female Winemaker Are Changing Pugliese Wine — Everyday Wine

When you think about Italian wine, Puglia is not a region that comes to mind. Tuscany, yes. Veneto, Piedmont, Emilio Romano … but Puglia? Not so much. But Puglia is responsible for approximately 14 percent of Italy’s wine production and is the country’s second largest wine-producing region.

This statistic is slightly misleading, however, as only 3 percent of D.O.C. wines come from Puglia. What’s the difference? D.O.C. means controlled designation of origin and is a measure of quality. It excludes cooking wines, wines used for vinegar, and some table wines. And if you’ve tried wine from Puglia before, chances are, you were drinking some of those poor-quality wines.

But one winery, bringing together more than 1,000 growers and a female winemaker, is looking to change that.

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