Help These Women Find a “Generic Father Figure” for Their Backyard BBQ — Father’s Day

(Image credit: Craigslist)

Father’s Day is coming up and if you, like so many others, are looking for a way to celebrate the awesome fathers (and father figures) in your life, you might want to go for the barbecue idea. After all, what says “Father’s Day” more than dad at the grill wearing a “kiss the cook” apron, cracking open an ice-cold beer, and grilling up tons of burgers, beers, and brats?

That’s just what a group of would-be Father’s Day BBQ-ers in Spokane, Washington think. Except they need a dad to fulfill that iconic role. Although all members of the group can operate a grill, Father’s Day cookouts require so much more than that, don’t they? They really require that All-American, quintessential dad. Even if it’s not your dad, such an affair requires a Dad with a capital D.

Enter: Craigslist.



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