3 Rules of Travel Souvenirs (or How to Avoid Bringing Home Junk) — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

One of my very favorite parts of travel is bringing that experience back with me and enjoying it in my home. Sometimes we need a dose of a different destination (i.e., to imagine life outside of crying toddlers or sticky kitchens), when getting on a plane isn’t in the cards. That’s why every time I travel I set aside part of my trip budget for a special find that triggers memories whenever I need to be transported (even for a second).

It might be an occasional thing, like when I wear my sandals made by a cobbler I stumbled onto on the island of Capri. But what I really love is when the places I’ve been in the world make their way into my daily routine. Every morning, for example, I make myself a cup (or two) of cafe con crema with the Moka Pot I bought in Rome. With every sip, I swear I’m transported back there for a hot minute. Or there’s the perfume I discovered in Tulum; it’s become my signature scent because it makes me feel like I’m walking on a beach (even when I’m changing diapers).



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