11 People Tell Us How Much They Spend on Alcohol Each Week — The Financial Diet

Welcome to a column from The Financial Diet, one of our very favorite sites, dedicated to money and everything it touches. One of the best ways to take charge of your financial life is through food and cooking. This column from TFD founders Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage will help you be better with money, thanks to the kitchen. A version of this post originally appeared on The Financial Diet.

A few months ago I took a good look at my overall spending for 2016 (via Mint) to figure out how much I’d spent on alcohol. I found that, when I divided the total number for the year by the number of weeks that had passed so far in the year, I spend an average of $35 a week on alcohol. (Of course, Mint is not a perfect science — at least not the way I use it. There’s no accounting for cash spending, splitting checks on Venmo, etc.)

Living in an expensive city like I do, where most people also don’t drive and therefore have the “excuse” to drink more, $35 a week seems pretty minimal. It’s interesting to me how people have different ideas of what constitutes “a lot” of drinking. Of course, I have to take into account the way I was raised. In my household, there was no taboo against drinking; I saw my mom drink a glass of red wine pretty much every night. I rarely saw my parents have more than one drink at a time, except on special occasions or during family get-togethers — it was simply a thing adults did.



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