This Meat Delivery Company Is So Awesome for Single People — Meat Market

(Image credit: Christine Han)

There are many things I prefer to do solo: grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. It’s faster and more efficient, yes, but it also offers a sort of meditative break from my regular job, which involves sitting at a desk all day long. One might argue there is a good reason I’m single!

But there are limitations to my single status. From recipes (almost always designed to serve four to six) to loaves of bread (why are they so big?), I inevitably end up eating the same thing until I’m bored to tears, sticking it in the freezer and forgetting about it, or feeding it to my dog.

This is especially true when it comes to meat. That family pack of chicken thighs? Great if you are feeding a family; not so great if you are feeding one. Until recently, I was basically an at-home vegetarian. Until recently, I had definitely never cooked a steak for myself.

And then I discovered Greensbury Market, an online meat delivery company based in New York.



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