How Long Should You Use Your Kitchen Sponge? — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

A dirty sponge is just … foul. You know what I’m talking about — those flat, gray, flakey cleaning pads you find in office kitchens and bachelor apartments. And that smell! There is nothing grosser than washing a dish with a stinky sponge — aside from then having your hands smell like stinky sponge afterwards. Yuck.

Here’s the deal, though: That filthy-looking sponge was dirty long before it started showing its age. It takes a while to wear down those fibers and for bacteria and grime to build up inside of a sponge so much that it would be visible. If that’s what you have sitting next to your kitchen sink right now, please toss it! Then follow these guidelines so you don’t ever get to that point again.



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