The Best French Cheese You’ve Never Heard Of — One Good Thing

You’ve heard of brie, bien sur! And camembert? Naturellement. If you love stinky cheese, you may even be having a love affair with Epoisses. But have you heard of Laguiole?

Laguiole (pronounced la-gee-OHL) might not be a household name, but it should be! It’s the kind of cheese that cozies up next to a hunk of humble peasant loaf as easily as it balances the richness of a seared duck breast with its cultured tang. It shines in a traditional French dish of mashed potatoes, cream, and butter (also known as aligot) or alongside a glass of Cahors (a deep, earthy wine from the same birthplace of Malbec). In short, it is the perfect cheese.



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