TFD’s Rules For Spending Less On Food (And Admitting You Have A Food Shopping Problem) — The Financial Diet

Welcome to a column from The Financial Diet, one of our very favorite sites, dedicated to money and everything it touches. One of the best ways to take charge of your financial life is through food and cooking. This column from TFD founders Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage will help you be better with money, thanks to the kitchen. A version of this post originally appeared on The Financial Diet.

The other day in our TFD chat, we collectively reached the conclusion that the three of us — Maya, Chelsea, Lauren — have been able to curb and be smarter in our spending pretty much everywhere besides food shopping. And even when we’ve done our best to restrict how much we go out, and to be smarter when we actually go to bars and restaurants, the grocery store is still ground zero for terrible financial decisions.

And given that TFD’s office is located a mere two blocks from one of the sweetest grocery stores in all of New York City, it’s gotten even harder to not make a quick trip for paper towels and come out with bags full of honeycrisp apples, whole wheat pasta, delicious-looking cheeses, and upscale crackers. It’s just such a happy place, and because everyone has to eat, it’s extremely easy to justify your spending there in a way you couldn’t, say, at a shoe store. You can almost trick yourself into thinking that there is something noble about spending way too much on food as opposed to other goods, when if you think about it, investing in quality pieces for things like clothes or furniture is definitely a more intelligent place to put your money than yet another bag of sweet, sweet Tate’s cookies.



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