The 10 Things I Always Have in My Freezer — Freezer Intelligence

I like to think that one’s freezer is a lot like one’s medicine cabinet. A peek inside reveals so much about the character and lifestyle of its owner!

I suppose a refrigerator can offer you a similar insider perspective, but the freezer? Well, the freezer really gives you a look at the person’s future hopes and dreams — what is she stashing away in cold storage? — as well as one’s everyday habits and preferences.

Coming from the woman who wrote the book on freezer cooking, it may surprise you to learn what’s deep inside my freezer at any given moment.

My freezer not only saves me time in allowing me to batch-cook in advance, but it also saves me money, holding my stash of grocery items that I buy in bulk or on sale to help lower our food budget and still eat well. Bonus: It allows me to accommodate the food preferences of my ginormous — and sometimes picky — family.

With that, here are the 10 items I always have in my freezer.



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