Your 7-Step Plan for Cleaning and Organizing Your Freezer — Freezer Intelligence

Hot weather isn’t just the time to trade your boots for sandals — it often means a change in your diet, too. “Lots of people eat differently in the summer than in the winter — they’re grilling more, eating more fresh produce, or entertaining groups,” says Darla Demorrow of HeartWork Organizing. So it makes sense to refresh the freezer to make room for your change in food habits.

Beyond that, it’s just a good idea to plan a seasonal clean-out for your freezer. Between buying food in bulk and holding on to things because you’re afraid of running out of food, we tend to pack the freezer with food we’re not, honestly, going to eat. And that’s not only a waste of food (“The freezer is where good intentions go to die!” Demorrow says, sadly), but also a waste of money (“You could lose it all if there’s a power outage, and your freezer can’t perform well if you never clean it and it’s packed full,” she adds).

Plus, you need room for ice cream this time of year! Convinced it’s time? Here’s how to go about getting your freezer cleaned and organized.



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