3 Yoga Moves to Do After Getting Back from Vacation — A Vacation from Your Vacation

Vacation is the best. Until it’s over, that is, and everything catches up with you – the yummy but maybe-a-tad-too-rich foods, the day drinking, the hours knotted up in a plane criss-crossing time zones. No wonder we come home feeling worse than when we left!

The good news is that something as simple as a few basic yoga moves can make you feel so much better after your globe-trekking trip.

Just back from a whirlwind, six-time-zone, trans-Atlantic, three-day trip myself, I was thrilled to talk with Canyon Ranch fitness instructor Mona Glasgow (who just so happens to be a former flight attendant) for some tips on how yoga can help us recuperate from some of the biggest pitfalls of vacation.



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