If You Really Want to Bring a Tote to the Farmers Market, Get This One — One Good Thing

We’re pretty anti-tote bag when it comes to trips to the farmers market. Yes, we know totes are synonymous with farmers markets, but they shouldn’t be!

Why not? A tote bag typically lacks structure — it’s just a floppy jumble of fabric that’s impossible to keep open. Just think back to the last time you bought lettuce and how annoying it was to actually get it inside that tote bag of yours! Plus, there are no compartments in tote bags and all your goods fall to the bottom, crushing the tomatoes, which you didn’t mean to buy first but totally did by accident. And you have to constantly push the straps back up on your shoulder or throw the whole bag behind your back when you want to reach for something (or else your bag will crash into the table). This is no way to shop, you guys!

We really recommend backpacks for farmers markets, but if the experience just doesn’t feel right to you without a tote bag, we get it. And we can’t blame you. However, we can suggest a better tote. Something that blows the tote you currently use out of the water.

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