How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink Sprayer — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn

I don’t have a sink sprayer in my current apartment, but I sure miss the one from my last place. I loved being able to pull out the sprayer to rinse fruit. And I especially loved being able to pull it out to give one final rinse all around my sink at the end of the night. It was so satisfying!

But over time — especially if you live someplace with hard water — gunk can build up in the sprayer’s holes, clogging them up to slow down the water stream. And over time, the hose can get gummed up with bits of debris, affecting its ability to retract. “Mineral buildup is the biggest problem for sink sprayers, but debris from the water can get into the nozzles from the inside, too,” says Christine Ramos, senior product manager for kitchens at Kohler.

And while most of us think about cleaning the sink and wiping down the faucet and handles, you probably hardly ever think about cleaning your sink sprayer. You should, though! Here’s what you can do the next time you think of it and have a few minutes to spare.



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