Our Favorite Aluminum Foil Is a Classic for a Reason — Shopping

The week my husband and I moved into our new apartment, I managed to convince him to have a pizza night because I hadn’t been able to grocery shop just yet. (His biggest fault is that he doesn’t want to have pizza nearly as often as I do!) I was pumped! Until I remembered that we didn’t have any aluminum foil. We also didn’t have any plastic bags. And I was still waiting for our new food storage containers to arrive in the mail. We basically had no way to deal with the leftovers. He had to run out to pick up the pizza, anyway, so I asked him to get a roll of foil on his way back.

He did what I asked, but he also somehow managed to find the worst brand of aluminum foil to exist in the world. For starters, I couldn’t even, um, start the roll! The box ripped in all sorts of places when I was trying to open it. Once it was opened, I found the seam right away but it just would not separate. I pulled off a million little bits of foil before I could even get a full sheet. And the foil was so thick. Yes, I realize this could sound like a good thing, but it basically wasn’t even malleable enough to wrap around the food! It was bad. How bad was it? I later accidentally dropped it between our fridge and this weird dead space that used to be a pantry, and I haven’t been willing to pull out the fridge to retrieve it. It comes with the apartment now, and whoever lives here next is welcome to have it, should they find it.

All of that is to say that not all aluminum foil is created equally.



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