The Best Lunch Box That Will Keep Your Food Cold for Up to 10 Hours — Shopping

Despite your best intentions to eat lunch at a respectable hour, work has a way of getting busy. You know how it goes: You’re on your way down the hall, headed back to your desk, where you have a zoodle salad waiting for you. But then, oh hey, Sue from Operations wants to snag you for a sec. And then Anna just has one quick question. And then, look, it’s time for your 2 p.m. status meeting. By the time you actually sit down to eat, it’s 4 in the afternoon!

That’s why, whether or not you have an office fridge, you need a lunch box that’s sure to keep your contents cool. Because, let’s face it, there’s not always room in that oh-so-messy common-use fridge. (Or if it there is room, it’s because someone spilled some sort of soup goo and no one wants to put their food in the puddle.)

Enter: the lunch bags from PackIt.



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