10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy in the Freezer Aisle (but Should) — Tips from The Kitchn

I’ve always looked at my freezer as one of the best kitchen tools at my disposal. Not only does it hold my hoard of butter pecan ice cream, but it also serves as a staging area for any number of meals that I can pull together in minutes — without resorting to flimsy TV dinners.

While I’ve made it a habit to cook big batches of meatballs, red sauce, or pinto beans and package them for future meals, I’ll admit that it’s nice when I can find real food alternatives prepped and ready to go at the grocery store.

I did some sleuthing recently to see just what lurked in the frozen food aisle and was pleasantly surprised to see that there’s more there than corn puppies and fish sticks.



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