An Honest Review of 3 Meal Kit Recipes for the Grill — Shopping

Looking to ease the dinnertime dilemma with a meal kit sent right to your door? You’re in luck, because you’ve now got more than a dozen companies to choose from — and counting. Deciding which one to choose is the hard part. They’ve all got the packaging and delivery down pat, but it’s what’s inside the box that counts. The big question is: Do the contents satisfy your cravings or leave you wishing you had ordered takeout? That’s why each month we’ll put a few meal kit services through their paces in order to see which ones deliver more than just efficiency.

You’ve waited all year to dust off your grill and take your cooking outdoors, so your meal kits need to come along for the ride. The trouble is, not every service offers recipes fit for flames. In fact, most don’t. Of course, not everyone has a grill, which is why grilling recipes in meal kits seem to be few and far between. But then again, a grill pan and a hot stove is a perfectly good alternative, as two of the recipes we tested this week made sure to note. These three companies understand that when summertime comes around, we need to take it outside. Here’s how their recipes turned out.



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