The 10 Cocktails Teachers Wish They Had While Grading Papers — Teacher Talk

Being a teacher doesn’t seem like a job for the weak. I straight-up salute the people who spend hours educating our youth because I couldn’t do it. It’s a lot of time, energy, money, sweat, and patience on children (or young adults) who aren’t even yours. I can’t even imagine having that kind of mental and emotional stamina.

What I can imagine is desperately dreaming of a cocktail while working those arduous after-school hours grading papers, supervising detention, or cleaning up after the little rugrats. After all, a little Mai Tai makes all geometry look better, doesn’t it?

Here are 10 cocktails teachers I spoke to swore they would love more than that damn red apple your kid keeps bringing them.

Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek list. We have the utmost respect for teachers and while we are sure they would love to have a quick sip while grading papers, we are relatively sure none of them actually indulge.



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