5 Tips That’ll Make Bullet Journaling Faster and Easier — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

Bullet Journaling is a way to organize all of your thoughts, notes, goals, and events in one spot: a notebook. The creator of the methodology, Ryder Carroll, came up with this system so that, over time, it’s easier to track your progress, change your habits, and generally get more organized. You know, so you have more time for doing the stuff you actually want to do, whether that’s learning a new skill or cooking more with your family.

The problem with starting to Bullet Journal is that it can seem daunting at first. If you search for Bullet Journal inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest, what you find are elaborately decorated and overall complicated examples of what people who are really into it are doing. The mere fact that you don’t consider yourself artistic enough to pull one of those off could be a motivation-killer for most.



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