This Is the Most Popular Slaw Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

(Image credit: Cooking Classy)

When it comes to summertime favorites, grilled cheeseburgers, buttery lobster, and icy margaritas seem to grab the spotlight. But they can’t handle the whole dinnertime show themselves. After all, summer is about enjoying the company of family and friends long after the sun sets, when the weather stays warm and balmy late into the night. That means you need some killer side dishes, and one of the best out there is slaw.

Whether you make yours with mayonnaise and scallions, oil and vinegar, or even Brussels sprouts, slaw is one of summer’s greatest unsung heroes. It can be made ahead of time, has many variations, and can often (not always) easily serve any guest, no matter the dietary restriction. To say nothing of the fact that they are just darn delicious salads.

Looking to make a killer slaw recipe this week? Here’s a look at the top recipe on Pinterest.



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