3 Smart Ways to Make the Most of Kitchen Corners — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

Why is it that lazy Susans are basically the automatic go-to when it comes to corner cabinets in kitchens? (Fun fact: The pros call them blind corners, which definitely isn’t a good sign!) Lazy Susans usually still result in a lot of dead space and, let’s be honest, have you ever turned one that didn’t screech something awful every step of the way?

We get that they’re relatively inexpensive (especially compared to those special shelf systems that are designed to effortlessly glide all the way in and all the way out of corner cabinets) and they’re just what people know. Chances are, this is the system your parents had when you were growing up and you can’t think of what else you’d even do with that space. Well, if you’re renovating your kitchen, we have some ideas.

Here are three things to do with the corners in your kitchen — and none of them involve a lazy Susan.



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