10 Meals to Pack for Your Next Flight — Travel Recipe Roundup

Are you planning a trip this summer? Perhaps taking advantage of some of the cheap airfare deals to Europe? This past February, Norwegian Airlines announced $69 flights to Europe from select destinations in the United States. And just this morning, I was reading that Latvian airline Primera Air will be offering flights to Europe for as low as $99 each way.

What’s the catch? Well, everything costs extra, including the food. That’s nothing new, you might say, but consider this: A “premium beef meal” on Primera Air will cost you $45, while a “cold breakfast” is roughly $15. We’re not 100 percent sure what either of these offerings entail, but we’re pretty sure we’d be better off making and packing our own food.

From a bright and lemony pasta that will add some zip to your flight to frittata breakfast sandwiches, here are 10 homemade meals to bring on your next flight.



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