A Food-Minded Guide to Everything Delicious About Miami — Bite-Sized Guide: Miami

The beaches are beautiful, yes. And the palm trees are idyllic, for sure. But hands-down, the best thing about Miami is its diversity, and I mean that in two different ways. The first is the diversity of its people. From Cuba to South America to Israel to Europe, a melting pot of cultures and nationalities gives the sunny city its wonderful international flavor. It can be heard in the mix of languages, felt in the music, and tasted in the cuisine. Miami is a city with so many stories to tell because it tells all of the stories of those who live here and the rich histories of where they come from.

The other is Miami’s ability to be all things at once. The way you can still feel the 1950s sensations of The Rat Pack as you drive up and down Collins Avenue past the Eden Roc and Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Or how the Art Deco buildings and neon palette of Ocean Drive can still conjure Miami Vice in the ’80s. Or how the explosion of art and design over the last few years has breathed new life into the city and propelled it into the future.

It’s a coastal resort town and an urban metropolis; a premier sailing destination and one of the largest cruise ship ports in the world; a gateway to other countries and considered by locals to be its own. It’s where the rich and famous come to play, where beach bodies come to tan, and, hopefully after reading this Bite-Sized Guide, it’s where you’ll come to explore all the wonderful and varied offerings that Miami has in store.



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